10 Ways To Improve Email Open Rates

Top 10 Tips for Higher Email Open Rates

Are your email open rates a source of embarrassment? Taking action to improve them is easier to do than you may think. According to Epsilon.com, email open rates sport an industry average of around 27.4 percent, with wide variances for markets… Knowing your email open rates and how to improve them ought to be high on your to-do list!email open rate

Toward that end, here are 10 top tips for improving your email open rates.

  1. Write something you would read – Creating terrific content is hands down the best way to get your email opened and read.
  2. Don’t’ write War and Peace – None of us has enough time in their own day, and long emails that meander and don’t deliver on the promise are one way to stop them from opening again. Also, be sure you make use of optimum sending times.
  3. Use your subject line wisely – This is the single biggest element that influences if your email gets opened. Take the time to craft great, non-spammy subject lines.
  4. Use your first line effectively – Closely related is the first line, part of which is visible in their inbox. This as well is valuable real estate, and don’t let yours to be filled with things like “If you don’t see any images in this message”.
  5. Address their needs and concerns – Solve problems and offer solutions.
  6. Offer great deals and savings – Everyone loves to save a little and your email is a fantastic platform to pass on any deals or specials your company is offering.
  7. Be the authority – We always have things to learn, and if you can position yourself as someone who offers something valuable for your readers, your open rates will flourish.
  8. Be entertaining – Don’t be StatMan. Don’t be afraid to inject humor, wit, and a little debate on occasion.
  9. Is your “From” line recognizable? – Make sure this is the person or company you want to brand, as this builds trust over time.
  10. Be sure and resend your unopened email – Super easy to do, resending your unopened email is a simple way to boost your open rates.
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