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Envision Net, Inc. is a leading internet marketing company that specializes in affordable local internet marketing, local lead generation, local mobile marketing, local social media marketing and online reputation management for small to medium size businesses. We pride ourselves on personalized, tailored service for our clients.

Alan Weeks CEO

Alan Weeks Founder and CEOAlan Weeks is an innovative digital media strategist with a superb record for generating cutting-edge marketing solutions. From the inception of his career and throughout more than 19 years of years of creative accomplishment, Mr. Weeks has a driving force in the technology and entertainment sectors with a proven ability to achieve the most ambitious business development objectives within diverse environments.

As Chief Executive Officer of Envision Net, Inc. since 2005, Mr. Weeks has been applying his creative marketing expertise to benefit a diverse range of clients in the entertainment, digital marketing, and technology sectors. A big-picture strategist, he has consistently provided his clients with right-fit business and technology solutions that meet and consistently exceed their needs and expectations. Among his greatest accomplishments, he can include sharp increase to revenue, unprecedented decrease in fraud, and exquisitely tailored online marketing solutions that meet the unique, niche needs of a demanding clientele.

In 2002, Mr. Weeks established market eminence for Untitled Media, Inc., a start-up online entertainment company. Commensurate to the radical transformation of the online business world during this six-year span, he continually revisited and revised diverse aspects of his business strategy to apply the leading best practices in user experience optimization, performance marketing, social media, and entertainment promotions. Within two years of its launch, Untitled had reached more than $1 million in annual revenue and continued its growth trajectory until Mr. Weeks brokered its sale in 2008.

The foundations of these entrepreneurial successes can be isolated in Mr. Weeks’ tenures with digital media and entertainment companies like iClicks Internet, Inc. and New Frontier Media. His accomplishments include developing strategic partnerships with top-tier affiliates, continually revising online marketing strategies to ensure clear message and positive user experience, and dynamic contributions to globally facing initiatives.

Additionally, Mr. Weeks’ entertainment credentials are well established. As CEO of Evolution Consulting & Entertainment, he collaborated on production and casting for films, television shows, music video, and commercials with major industry players including HBO, Universal Pictures, Artisan Entertainment, Trimark Pictures and the Sci-Fi Channel. This experience grants him an valuable—and irreplaceable—insight into the entertainment and digital marketing space that have proven vital throughout his career.

A passionate learner who continually stays informed of the latest news, strategies, and trends concerning the entertainment industry, technology and digital marketing, Mr. Weeks has an educational background in marketing and computer programming. His interests include history, art, music, travel, personal development and fitness.