Ten Tips to Pump up Your Marketing Efforts

Why are we always wanting the easy way out, when there are tried and true methods to allow us to improve our marketing right in front of us? Try to shut out all of the noise created by the next shiny new toy, and focus on some of the basics that can make a nearly instant and long term difference in your business…Read More

Why Value Should Be Your Number One Goal!

Everyone wants something, and in the case of online consumers, they want it all, for free if at all possible. That’s why it’s very important to make delivering the utmost value you can your primary mission. It’s literally how to change the mind of freebie seekers to that of ravenous buyers…Read More

How To Use Humor In Small Business Marketing

The great 19th Century Irish playwright and humorist Oscar Wilde uttered these last words: “Either this wallpaper goes, or I do.” Why some enterprising wallpaper company hasn’t used this is beyond me, however it does go to demonstrate the reality that humor sells…Read More

Small Business Innovation

Innovation Isn’t Only For The Big Dogs!

While at first glance it would make perfect sense that the smaller, more agile entrepreneurial companies among us would be the more innovative. You’d think this is true. And you would be wrong. It’s not for a lack of trying or desire…Read More

Easy Ways To Employ Green Marketing In Your Business

Earth Day is here again, and so this might be a good time to take a look at how green marketing could benefit your company by appealing to your environmentally conscious consumers! Green marketing is not only a sensible way to preserve our dwindling natural resources, but it can be a deciding factor with regards to consumer purchasing decisions…Read More

March 2013 | MI CASA ES TU CASA

Many of South & Central America´s newly empowered consumers are enthusiastically supporting (if not working with) brands that don´t close their eyes to social inequality. Learn from brands and non-profits such as Buchanan’s, Techo, and the ‘Satisfeito’ restaurant initiative…


February 2013 | VIRGIN CONSUMERS

The accelerating pace of innovation in the consumer arena means everyone (from Berlin to Bogotá) is now at times, if not constantly, a VIRGIN CONSUMER – unfamiliar with many of the products, services, apps, experiences or brands they encounter every day. As VIRGIN CONSUMERS experiment more than ever, we consider how all brands can adopt a VIRGIN mindset. Learn from the likes of BMW, Nike, Lytro and more…


6 Ways to Recharge Your Business in 2013

Just like your website, your business could use some optimizing. If the season has you slowing down, take a step back and take care of what was missing from your overall operation.

Applying all the same principles you learned from gaining that #1 page ranking may just give your business the serious recharge it needed. And it’s probably easier too.

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6 Ways to Recharge Your Business in 2013 – Mashable

5 Trends That Will Shape Small Business in 2013

Small business is going to change. It always does. Those with foresight are going to be able to better maneuver all of the changes and technologies that are going to make it better.

They’ll be more competitive too. Here’s your guide to what’s going to happen and how your small business can better prepare for when it happens.

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5 Trends That Will Shape Small Business in 2013 – Duct Tape Marketing

December 2012 | 10 CRUCIAL CONSUMER TRENDS FOR 2013

2013 will be the perfect storm of necessity and opportunity, and those who understand & cater to changing consumer needs, desires and expectations, will forever have plenty of opportunity to profit. Dive into 10 trends that need to be on your radar for 2013, from CUSTOWNERS to FULL FRONTAL to CELEBRATION NATION…