November 2012 | PRESUMERS

Consumers are turning into PRESUMERS, being involved with products and services pre-launch, helped by crowdsourcing platforms and new manufacturing technologies that are finally tipping into the mainstream. Check out the examples of platforms and businesses already catering to PRESUMERS, from Kickstarter and DemoHour to, Indiegogo and many more…


October 2012 | SERVILE BRANDS

Consumers are more demanding, time-starved, informed, and choice-saturated than ever-before. For brands to prosper, the solution is simple: become SERVILE. SERVILE means turning your brand into a lifestyle servant focused on catering to the needs, desires and whims of your customers, wherever and whenever they are. Check out new concepts, services and products that are infused with servility, from brands like Tesco, Virgin America, IKEA, Hyundai and more…


July 2012 | NEWISM

For consumers who’ve grown up in an EXPECTATION ECONOMY, the very notion of the ‘new’ has become a positive one. NEWISM is creative destruction, the relentless pace of the online world, hyper-competition, globalism, consumerism on steroids and a celebration of innovation, all in one. Which for brands means heaven or hell. Are you ready?




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Forget the ‘Made in China’ stigma. Ambitious and confident Chinese brands are already catering to demanding consumers, both at home and increasingly abroad. Including yours. Fueled by forces such as improving technology and booming domestic consumption, China is making it bigger, faster, better, greener and stranger. Get ready for an even more globally hyper-competitive business environment. With examples from brands like Chery, Renren, CreditEase, Haier, Ochirly and more…


Internet Trends That Will Affect Your Business This Year

The new frontiers for customer-engagement are already affecting your business. Your PR and marketing strategy need to not only be prepared for more, but be ready to embrace the coming sweep of review sites, and increased “customer-centricity.”

It’s more competitive than ever, but the rewards are waiting. While being popular has never felt better, it’s just one of the coming waves you’ll want to be on top of now.

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Internet Trends That Will Affect Your Business This Year – Site Pro News


All commerce is being affected by e-commerce. Learn about the latest innovations that are transforming e-commerce, and ultimately, reshaping shopping behavior. Both on and offline. From (M)ETAIL to ETAIL-TAINMENT. With examples from brands like Zara, Ticketmaster, Facebook, KLM and more…



Trending | Facebook Cash Mobs Boost Small, Local Businesses

Cash Mobs are a terrific and legal way to organize communities, or mobs, in a mutual effort to support a local business or to pursue any number of other, similar goals.

A cash mob is not just a great favor to a struggling business owner, but it’s also a neat way to get to know people in your area, or to get everyone’s imagination going. Let’s get started!

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Trending | Facebook Cash Mobs Boost Small, Local Businesses – All Facebook

How to Grow in Your Small Business

Growing your business means you’ve got to grow yourself too. You’ve got to break out of the box, and at the same time, carefully compartmentalize and delegate lots of non-essential tasks.

Fortunately, there’s a massive wealth of experience and advice that let’s you take the next step with confidence. Breaking it all down was the tough part. Now let’s see what you can put back together.

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How to Grow in Your Small Business – Small Business Trends

How Much Money Are Your Meetings Costing You?

Meetings don’t just mean you’re doing business with internet averse clients. Unless you’re cutting 5 and 6 figure deals, they’re probably costing you a fair amount of money.

While nothing is more aggravating than having someone read a PowerPoint presentation to you, the fact that they’re cutting seriously into your bottom line might just get you out of that conference room. Here’s how to look at the meeting dependent, and some ideas for getting down to business.

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How Much Money Are Your Meetings Costing You? – Search Engine Journal

10 Tips for More Repeat Customers

Selling to an established customer is way easier and more cost effective than constantly trying to reel in new ones. But knowing how to keep the existing customers coming back for more takes more than an effective upsell pitch.

These ten strategies are designed to eek more sales out of your existing customer base. You’ll be surprised that even those you’re currently ignoring will make a quick difference in your bottom line.

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10 Tips for More Repeat Customers – Site Pro News