Want to Manage Your Reputation? Post to Your Blog!

When long-term damage can come from a malicious tweet and be sent around the web in seconds, you have to make sure you have a plan set up to manage any damage that could have been done, and to stop it from growing. This is the art of online reputation management…Read More

Negative Reviews Deal with Them Quickly and Effectively

Negative reviews, everyone’s got an opinion, and regrettably as a business owner some of these opinions can cause your business a great deal of trouble. Managing your online reputation is a big must-do item on your daily checklist. Forget to do it, and you might find people deserting you in droves…Read More

The Trust In Online Reviews is Growing

Study: 79% of Consumers Trust Online Reviews as Much as Personal Recommendations

The 2013 Local Consumer Review Survey by Myles Anderson of BrightLocal was newly published on SearchEngineLand. There are specific straightforward and indisputable results that we can run with…Read More

Take Charge of Your Online Reputation

5 Simple Ways to Help Manage Your Online Reputation

We live in a world where communication is near instant, word travels extremely fast, and if you’re not attentive your online reputation can be trashed in nanoseconds. Many aren’t aware of just how vital it is to safeguard your online reputation…Read More

Online Reputation Management Strategies To Count On

Spend any time thinking about your online reputation management? That’s what I thought! Based on a study by Erik Qualman of Socialnomics.com nearly three-quarters of consumers report they trust the content provided by online reviews…Read More

Customer Surveys | Find Out What Your Customers Think

Do you truly know how well you’re doing with your clients and customers? Are there problem areas or holes in your customer service you’re unaware of? Want to discover what your clients really think? There’s really only one way to get this valuable information— just ask them! A well-crafted customer survey can be a useful tool to help you discover the answers to these and several other items you might not even have known were issues for your clients…Read More

How to Manage your Online Reputation

You may think that online reputation management isn’t something you should concern yourself with. I would urge you to reconsider that thought!

According to eMarketer 83% of consumers say that online reviews sway their opinions about a particular company, and 8 of 10 of these people added that a unfavorable review online is responsible for them changing their mind about that company. Even one negative review, justified or not, can negate all your finest efforts if you haven’t planned an online reputation strategy to manage it. So to help with that I’d like to present five strategies your business, and your brand, can implement to monitor and manage your online reputation…Read More

14 Ways to Handle Angry Dissatisfied Customers Online

It might seem like a nightmare, but diffusing a rattling online altercation is easier than you might think through all the tears.

These 14 tips are ultra-uselful for any business confronting the less happy side of customer relations. Practical, up-to-date, and pro-active, these are the basics of online reputation management, in a bite-size format that’s easy to swallow.

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14 Ways to Handle Angry Dissatisfied Customers Online – Small Business Trends

3 Tips to Handle Online Negative Publicity – A SPN Exclusive

Online reputation management does not require immediate, flaming, retaliatory combat.

On the contrary, cooler cucumbers know that even bad publicity is still publicity. A deft, thoughtful response should get you better than a clean name and a clean face. It should also make you prominent among your peers. Here’s 3 tips to keep you shining even as the mud flies.

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Reputation Management and Social Monitoring Made Easy

You’d think somebody saying something bad about your business on the internet was the end of the world.

It’s not that bad, but before you have a complete breakdown, take a few deep breaths. Now seriously consider how easy reputation management and monitoring all that stuff in social media really is. Now that you’re calm, you can really do something about it.

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