Website Design Is The Killer App

Don’t Ignore Website Design – It Matters!

Okay, so take a guess: how much time do you reckon it takes the average person to form a first impression after landing on your webpage? A study by researchers at the Missouri University of Science and Technology in 2012 found that it takes all of two-tenths of a second to garner that impression…This makes your website design much more important, as your visitors indeed have choices, and if they are not blown away by your design elements, you can be assured they are going to seek more appealing pastures. This is also a big trust factor with your visitors: a poor website design will often lead to the inevitable feeling that there may be other parts of your business which are equally as shoddy.

What can you do to promote good website design?website design

The first place to start is with some thought. Finding out how you wish to present your brand and products is primarily influenced in the planning stage. That same study said that your logo gets the lion’s share of a visitor’s attention, with images and social interaction following closely on its heels. In other words, the visual elements matter tremendously! So now that you have the data, you have no excuse. I mean you really don’t, because expense is not much of a viable excuse for inaction. Crowdsourcing sites like 99Designs, CrowdSpring and others made what was past a very expensive proposition, into a very doable endeavor.

How can you expect to benefit?

The benefits of good design are more plentiful and sometimes less obvious than you might think at first. While a killer look for your website and graphics is a no-brainer, other elements like product packaging, advertising, and even infographics are being shared, Pinned and ReTweeted from your pages. This will have a significant effect on your site’s reach, and customer base. Moreover, the good feelings that an outstanding design impart may be intangible, but not when you watch your site’s traffic increase because of it! Take a cold hard look at your design elements today!

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