Why Value Should Be Your Number One Goal!

Everyone wants something, and in the case of online consumers, they want it all, for free if at all possible. That’s why it’s very important to make delivering the utmost value you can your primary mission. It’s literally how to change the mind of freebie seekers to that of ravenous buyers…When it comes to marketing using email or social media, it has even more importance. Let’s examine why delivering real value is the linchpin in succeeding with your small business.

Why you need to prize value

valueTo put it simply, in an online marketplace full of stiff competition, what people will remember, share and talk about glowingly is the provider who over-delivered. It’s the only (positive) way you’ll stick out from the herd. This can manifest itself in many and varied ways. Whether that means a personal touch with a bit of hand-holding, unannounced bonuses, deals and coupons is really up to your creativity and ability to deliver. Each of these and many more can be very useful. The secret is to consistently surprise your customers with more. This will get them talking, sharing and coming back again and again!

Why email and social media are special cases

When it comes to marketing using email or social media, slightly different rules apply. You are held to higher criteria here. Whereas your website is expected to sell, email and social media are a bit trickier. While both are still technically permission-based, neither audience is fond of endless marketing messages, and can revolt by unsubscribing or un-following you. While email has long been a marketing vehicle, increased competition and a social media trained audience require that you deliver value. This in reality helps, as it builds the know, like and trust factors so essential in building a lifelong customer. In social media, the secret is to get them curious enough in your brand or products that they want to opt in and go to the next level with you. Once you’ve learned the art of subtle persuasion and managed to get them onto your email lists, they’ll be much more open to hear your marketing messages.

Important thing here is, make delivering value a high priority, and you’ll find that more of your prospects, whatever the medium, will be more apt to respond to you!

About Alan Weeks

Founder and CEO of Envision Net, Inc. He has a notable 12-year, internet marketing and operations career, in particular, developing and implementing internet marketing strategies for local businesses.

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