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Do you truly know how well you’re doing with your clients and customers? Are there problem areas or holes in your customer service you’re unaware of? Want to discover what your clients really think? There’s really only one way to get this valuable information— just ask them! A well-crafted customer survey can be a useful tool to help you discover the answers to these and several other items you might not even have known were issues for your clients…

customer surveySo why ask questions at all?

The main incentive for a customer survey is to eliminate problems before they end up part of your reputation, and uncover solutions to improve your service or products. Most of the time, we never hear about a dissatisfied customer: they’ll simply look somewhere else. has determined that more than 50 percent of consumers have experienced issues and complaints with the goods and services they’ve purchased. Putting together a customer survey helps you find and rectify mistakes which might be the difference between holding onto a client or not.

What kind of customer survey questions work best?

Know exactly what you intend to learn from your survey, and be sure you ask questions that require more than a number or checking a box. Don’t ask “Yes” or “No” questions because they don’t provide you with enough information. Allow your respondents to hold court on their encounters with your company.

How should you conduct the survey?

There are lots of ways to conduct a survey. If possible, however, choose an an online survey, which provides the person responding to it a decent chance to contemplate and form good responses, something which likely wouldn’t happen through a phone call or face to face encounter. When possible, include an incentive for filling out your survey such as a discount of your product or service during their next visit. If you need help with this, consider a survey company that does most of the work for you, such as SurveyMonkey.

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