Ten Tips to Pump up Your Marketing Efforts

Why are we always wanting the easy way out, when there are tried and true methods to allow us to improve our marketing right in front of us? Try to shut out all of the noise created by the next shiny new toy, and focus on some of the basics that can make a nearly instant and long term difference in your business…Don’t forget the Pareto Principle, which tells us that 80 percent of your results will come from 20 percent of your efforts. So below are ten great ways to improve your marketing.marketing tips

  1. Write a company blog – Use a company blog to be your voice. It will bring about better relationships with your customers, social reach and better customer service.
  2. Use specifics in your offers – Make sure you aren’t attempting to market everything and anything. You will become known for nothing! Decide on a specialty and get good at it!
  3. Benefits not features – Your customers need to know what it will do for them, not every last detail of the widget. Point out the results they’ll get, and you hit the sweet spot!
  4. Make value your mission – Become recognized for the value you deliver, and you’ll sell long and prosper!
  5. Use social media – Make connecting with your people on social media a priority. It’s not only a great way to pre-sell, but also build relationship and deliver awesome customer service.
  6. Make videos – Find uses for video in your business, as this is where the audience is today. YouTube is the world’s second largest search engine, so it’s time to tap into some of that!
  7. Listen – Make sure to hear what’s being said to you, both on your site and in social media. It matters!
  8. Make good use of autoresponders – Using pre-written autoresponder sequences will easily and painlessly assimilate new subscribers into your business.
  9. Take care of your customers – Since it’s so difficult to obtain a new customer, why not take care of the ones you have? They are far easier to sell to.
  10. Make sure to have a call to action – If you don’t ask for the action, it is much more likely it won’t occur. Don’t be that guy. Ask for the sale!
About Alan Weeks

Founder and CEO of Envision Net, Inc. He has a notable 12-year, internet marketing and operations career, in particular, developing and implementing internet marketing strategies for local businesses.

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